Admissions to Bethany Behavioral Health

senior adult patient talking to therapistBethany Behavioral Health, a unit of Cedar Ridge Hospital, provides psychiatric care to adults, ages 18+ and seniors.

At the time of admission, expect a smiling face and a personal greeting with eye contact.

Admissions Process

Potential patients will be wanded for safety of self and others. They will receive a thorough assessment to determine if they meet criteria for admission or not.

Items to bring at time of admission

  • Identification and insurance card
  • If applicable, bring power of attorney, guardianship and Advance Directive documents
  • All medications
  • No more than 3 days worth of clothing (pants, shirts and personal garments)
  • No drawstrings, shoe strings, belts, or suspenders
  • No need to bring personal toiletries, they will be provided for the patient

Bethany Behavioral Health operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 405-792-5360 or toll-free: 844-243-1331 to schedule an assessment.